Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Seven random facts before bathtime

I've been tagged by ScienceMama! Let's see if I can finish this before bathtime (Baby Jane's, not mine). And come up with different ones from the last time I did this meme. So, here goes.

Seven random facts about Jane:
1. I used to sing a lot, in choirs and school musicals and such. Now, I only sing in the car (and to Baby Jane). I was a (second) soprano, although I'll bet I'm more of an alto now. I am actually very self-conscious about my singing voice.

2. I failed the final exam in one of my grad courses. And the weird thing is, it was a take-home exam, and I helped almost everyone else in the class with it, and they all passed, but I somehow managed to fail it myself. I still haven't figured that one out.

3. Caffeine gives me wicked migraines. Even the amount of caffeine in green tea is enough to send me to migraine hell. And I get the classic migraines, with the flashing lights and the nausea and the sudden feeling that your head has just been run over by a train....good times.

4. I have never worked in retail.

5. I used to hate the color orange, but now it's one of my
favorite colors. I especially love wearing orange accessories.

6. I pushed Baby Jane out in less than 20 minutes just to avoid having a C-section.

7. My personal idea of hell is any dessert containing lemon. Or lime. Yuuuuuck.

And now it's bathtime, so I'll be lame and just tag anyone who hasn't done this one yet.

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