Monday, February 05, 2007

An intriguing idea

In the comments to one of my recent posts, anne asked if I would participate in something called "Happy Woman Professor" blog day. The story of how this came about is here, and the official proclamation is here. The idea seems to be that there are not a lot of (or perhaps a dearth of Google-able) stories about, well, women professors who are happy in their jobs, and so this is a call to arms of sorts for us to talk about what makes us happy about our jobs. The big day is February 14.

Of course, the cynical side of me is thinking "of course I can be happy about my job right now....I'm on sabbatical!" But I'll supress my cynical side that day, and come up with non sabbatical-related reasons why my job makes me happy. :)

Spread the word, and consider participating yourselves! (and thanks to anne for bringing it to my attention!)

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dhawhee said...

thanks, jane, for posting this. I would just add a quick note to say that we're going to be blogging about the things that make us happy in our jobs or profession, and I'd say that sabbaticals are definitely one of those things!