Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sunday workday

On weekends, Saturday is typically my day off (no work allowed!) and Sunday is a partial work day. What typically happens is that I do more complaining about work than actual work on Sundays. Today, though, I've been able to focus and concentrate for most of the day--only now is my concentration starting to lag a bit, which tells me that I should probably take a more extensive break.

The best part is that, because I haven't wasted time and energy thinking about doing work without actually doing work, I've had time to do other "fun" stuff throughout the day. I read the paper. I went for a run. And I took a nap. Taking these little restorative breaks has helped me to come back to my desk and focus on the task at hand. Better still, I don't resent working--I'm finding it fun and strangely relaxing. (It probably helps that I have basketball on in the background, too.)

I'm thinking part of this new attitude is also due to the new office setup. Before the office reorganization, I hated working in here. The space felt claustrophobic and messy. I couldn't even look out the window--my desk faced the wall, and I had to physically turn around to see anything other than my monitor. Now, it feels clean and calm. My desk faces the door, which means I can see into the house and into the backyard. My back is to the messiest part of Mr. Jane's desk (to his credit, he's been keeping things much neater and more organized lately). My stuff is organized more logically--my computer's off to one side of my desk, which leaves me plenty of room to spread out books, papers, and notes. I actually want to work in here again! It's amazing what a psychic effect our spaces have on us.


Silandara said...

I just started reading your blog (I think I found it through Liz Lawley's while looking for more RIT-related blog), but wanted to comment that I've been doing the same thing - no work on Saturday, some work on Sunday. And I just rearranged my home office (not that I have another office anymore) to make working in here possible and fairly enjoyable. I've still got a way to go with the organizing and getting rid of the piles, but it's a lot better already. Less clutter on my desk really frees up the clutter in my head somehow.

Jane said...

"Less clutter on my desk really frees up the clutter in my head somehow." Silandra, I totally agree! I can't work when my space is cluttered--at home or at work.

(and welcome! glad you found the blog!)