Thursday, May 12, 2005

No energy

A relatively meeting-free afternoon, with no pressing deadlines looming, nothing urgent to take care of.....these are the rare times that I should take advantage of to do long-range planning, start that research project that I never seem to have time to start, and just do some uninterrupted hard-core thinking.

Of course, at such times it helps to not be sleep-deprived, completely burned out, and in a snarky, whiny, pissed-off mood for no reason. That's not really conducive to getting work done. In fact, I was only able to sketch out a few ideas on paper. I was just not able to think clearly enough to get very far.

I think it's high time for an entire weekend off. The Burnout Fairy has obviously visited me again, and I can't afford to have many more days like this, because there are some serious deadlines coming up in the near future.

I'm already scheduled for a hair cut, which I so desperately need, so that will be a nice bit of pampering. Other than that, I'm guessing my weekend will consist of the following:
* sleep, and lots of it
* reading light and "fluffy" stuff, like magazines, and watching light and fluffy TV. Even my "fun" reading lately has been too heavy, and just leaves me angry and pissed off at the world.
* cooking, which is very relaxing for me
* a walk or two, maybe to the coffee shop
* yoga?

I just need to get through tomorrow....but right now, that seems like too much of a monumental task.....


Same Friend of Jane's said...

Long-range planning...what sort of beast is that? If you don't mind me asking, what's the last thing you did some long-range planning about and how was the outcome? Makes me think I should try starting a long-range planning support group -- meet with people over tea once a month or so and talk or write or just think about long-range plans.

I'll be working most of the weekend -- especially since I wasn't able to eke out very much productivity today (other than swimming). But... vacation is finally, truly in sight!

Good luck with making it through Friday and I hope you are able to take the whole weekend off to pamper yourself!

Dr. H said...

Your plans sound great!

I'm pulling for you today! You can do it!!!