Sunday, May 15, 2005

Weekend wrap-up

On Thursday I wrote about taking the weekend off. So, how'd I do? Here's my list, and here's what I accomplished from that list:

* sleep, and lots of it -- I got some sleep, but not nearly enough. I'm still exhausted. And only one nap the entire weekend!
* reading light and "fluffy" stuff, like magazines, and watching light and fluffy TV. -- yep, spent most of the weekend doing this.
* cooking, which is very relaxing for me -- was hoping to do some baking, but that didn't happen. But I did do some cooking: some old favorites and a new recipe too, which turned out ok.
* a walk or two, maybe to the coffee shop -- no, but I did take myself out for breakfast this morning. Mmmmm, bagels and coffee!
* yoga? -- no, but I did do pilates and I did ride the bike, hard, for a while earlier today.
* NOT THINKING ABOUT WORK -- yeah, right! But at least I confined my work to a couple of hours today, which is not bad.

And of course, there was the haircut, which was fabulous as always (I love, love, love my stylist!), and some "retail therapy" afterwards. Ahhhhh. I spend so much of my time in the world of men, that sometimes it's great to do the girly stuff. It feels like an escape for me.

Now I have to finish up just a bit of work and then I'm heading to bed early. It will be nice to not start another week completely exhausted.


Laura said...

Good for you! Glad you had a relaxing weekend.

jo(e) said...

Good for you for taking the weekend off and doing things you enjoy.

Dr. H said...

What did you buy during the retail therapy?

Jane said...

Dr. H, the retail therapy was more about trying stuff on I don't normally try on ("wonder how I'd look in THIS thing I never thought I'd wear?"), but I did end up with 2 very girly skirts and a summery tunic top (very light and very pretty). I am just rediscovering the world of skirts---I went through a very long period where I never wore skirts to work (that's probably worth its own blog post), and now I'm loving the skirts again. It was fun!

Mel said...

it's really important to take time for yourself--glad you had a good weekend --

Same Friend of Jane's said...

Looking forward to seeing your new style (even if it's the same style, it's still new)!