Monday, December 03, 2007

We survived the first day

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OK, so, today was the big day: my first day back at work, and Baby Jane's first day at daycare. And I have to say that it went pretty well, overall. I got pretty upset/weepy on Sunday afternoon, while I was getting Baby Jane's daycare stuff ready. But at the dreaded drop-off this morning, both she and I were remarkably composed. There were no tears from either of us when I left---she was playing happily on the floor, and I was happy that she was happy. I definitely think it would have been much harder to leave her if she had been clingy or upset, but seeing her embrace her new surroundings really put me at ease.

The day was not without drama: Baby Jane went on a bit of a hunger strike, refusing to take a bottle. Which is weird, because she'll usually take a bottle from anyone. We're guessing that it was probably due to all of the changes and stress of the day. Luckily, she ended her strike by mid-afternoon and seems to be ok. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

Being back at work, though, was a challenge. I started off pretty well---deliberately planning a busy day, with stuff that was more busywork than really involved thinking-work, was definitely a good plan. But by about 2pm, my brain was dead and my head was pounding and I could have really used either a nap or a glass of wine. Or both.

Pumping was also a bit of a challenge---my output was down a bit, but considering the stress of the day, it wasn't that bad. (And the new pump is helping tremendously; it's nice to not have to stress about that anymore!) I really do hope that by the time classes start, Baby Jane will be down a feeding or two, so that I don't have to pump so much during the day. The pumping itself is not bad, but the setup and cleanup is a bit of a hassle.

I think that the person who had the hardest time adjusting was Mr. Jane. As he put it, "I've lost *two* people today!" I guess he's right; I've spent all of this year either home with the baby or working primarily at home. And I have to say, it was weird not having Mr. Jane around today, too.

So we all survived and now we just have to do this all over again...tomorrow.


ScienceWoman said...

I'm so glad things went well for you. My pumping output went down as well at first, but it came back up quickly. As for cleanup, I recommend the microwave sterilization bags that Medela makes. Just rinse, 3 minutes in the microwave, dry on some paper towels in a spare desk drawer and you're good to go.

Rebecca said...

Glad your first day went well!

ScienceMama said...

I'm glad your day went well. The microwave sterilization bags are a must!

Jane said...

Thanks, everyone! I will definitely get me some of those microwave bags.

Flicka Mawa said...

Thanks for sharing! I love to read about these things.