Thursday, June 21, 2007

Random Bullets of Aaaaarrrrgh!!

  • I have to cut one more slide from my presentation. I have no idea which one to cut, especially since I feel like my presentation is already pretty bare-bones. I need to finish this tonight, too. Ugh.

  • Have I mentioned how much I hate, hate, HATE making slides?

  • The making of slides, plus Baby Jane being in a cranky mood all day and all evening, plus the sleep deprivation, has put me in a very foul mood.

  • I am more worried about getting through security with a baby, a stroller, and assorted carry-on items, than I am about how we're all going to get from the airport to the hotel in a strange city that neither Mr. Jane nor I has ever visited.

  • For some reason, I felt the need to update my CV and publications list on my web page, since I'm guessing people from the conference might look me up. Wow, it's been over a year since I updated either. I wish I had done this, oh, four months ago when I first thought of it rather than waiting until the last minute.

  • I really hope I can fit everything for me and the baby in one suitcase. Preferably a smallish one.

  • My must-do list is impossibly long. Something's gotta give. (Besides blogging, that is.) Hopefully that something is not my sanity.

And on that note, blogging will resume after I return, in early July. (Unless I find the time and energy to post from Secret Conference Location.) Have a great week, everyone!

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