Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Panic time!

I'm leaving for a conference + mini-vacation at the end of the week. Travelling for me always induces a state of panic that sets in a few days before departure. I think this is because deep down I am somewhat of a control freak, and with travel there are all these things over which you have limited control at best. So I worry about various things, and I don't really relax until I've gone through security at the airport (for flying trips) or we're well underway in the car (for road trips). Plus, it always seems like the week before a trip is just a crazy busy week---deadlines happen, bizarre administrative requests come up, etc. And the sleep deprivation isn't helping matters at all.

This week, for example, before I leave, I have to finish writing my talk (and practice it, to make sure it's not too long, etc.), finish revisions on a paper and send it off, write and incorporate author bios for all coauthors on said paper, and make travel arrangements for the next conference. I also have to try on every single outfit in my closet to find enough clothes to pack for this trip that fit and, dare I hope, flatter. (Ideally, these will be non-maternity clothes, but I fear that this will not be the case. Sigh.) Oh, and that look professional enough for conference-wear. And that fit the climate of this particular locale. I really should get my hair cut, since it's in dire need of a cut, but I doubt this will happen. (Anyone want to come over and cut my hair for me? Or maybe tackle some of these revisions? Make a slide or two?)

And, since I'm travelling with a young infant, I have to worry about what to pack for her, buy diapers and wipes, determine what stuff needs to be schlepped (do we need the car seat? what about the breast pump?), and figure out what we can carry on and what needs to be checked. Then there is the worrying about the travelling itself: will she be fussy on the plane? what if she doesn't want to nurse on take-off and landing? what if she also rejects the pacifier? how badly will the time-zone change throw her off? will she (and we) survive the loooong flights?

I will be so happy when we arrive at our destination. Until then, I'll probably continue to be a bit frantic.


Flicka Mawa said...

Good luck with the talk and the traveling, and have fun on the mini-vacation!

John Dupuis said...

Yes, you need the car seat for taxis, etc. both on your end and the other. If you have a portable playpen, those are indispensable as well as the baby can sleep & hang out in those.

One hint that saved our bacon a few times: when boarding a taxi, especially in an airport, they often try and drive off before everyone is safely buckled in. If you leave the taxi door open until you're set to go they usually will wait.

Booze helps too.

Have a fun trip.

ScienceWoman said...

Having flown coast to coast twice now with Minnow, I can tell you that Baby Jane will probably do just fine with the traveling. She's young enough that she will probably not really notice the time change - she doesn't likely have a fixed schedule yet anyway. And if she's like Minnow, she'll mostly sleep on the plane (in her mommy's arms of course) and even find the turbulence comforting. But bring that carseat for the taxis and for a place to put her during meals out!

Jane said...

See, this is why the blogosphere is so great---I didn't even think about the need for a carseat in taxis (duh) nor the convenience of having somewhere to park Baby Jane while we're eating (or even just hanging out in the hotel room). Thanks, John and ScienceWoman!

Anonymous said...

When an infant gets fussy despite having clean diapers and being fed, pick the child up and dance in place slowly while playing 'Never on a Sunday', songs by Spirogyra, and Steely Dan in the background. Works like a charm. Just be sure to pick up any toys so you don't stumble on anything.

Jane said...

ah yes, anonymous, I believe it's called the "colic dance"! Haven't tried it with Steely Dan, but I'll give it a whirl. (Billy Joel seems to work well for Baby Jane. Go figure.)