Thursday, August 24, 2006

Academic new year's resolutions

Idea shamelessly borrowed from Geeky Mom.

I have decided that my theme for the 2006-2007 academic year is "Take Back My Life". So, with that in mind and without further ado, here are my academic new year's resolutions:

1. Learn to let things go. This year, I resolve to not let those people who normally push my buttons and make my life generally miserable get to me. I will ignore or avoid them whenever possible, and when this is not possible, I will figure out effective ways to diffuse their button-pushing. (Suggestions are welcome!)

2. Rediscover my "fun side". I'm good about taking care of myself in some ways---I work out regularly and eat very well---but I'm not at all good about taking time out to do stuff like spending time on hobbies, calling friends, or taking Mr. Jane out on dates. This year, I resolve to take some time each week to nurture my relationships and to rediscover the other things I used to like to do, like crafting.

3. Continue to take time off each week. Taking one weekend day completely off is so vital for my mental health. I resolve to continue doing this, and to try and take two weekend days off whenever possible.

4. Submit my work to journals. My work is mature, I have more than enough material, and my results are really good, so no more excuses! My goals: one article submitted by mid-December, and one by May.

5. Become a "smarter" teacher. One of the realizations I made this summer is that I know what I should be doing when it comes to class prep and such, but I don't always practice what I preach. This year, I resolve to reflect on my teaching practices, to ruthlessly decide what's working and what's not, and to work towards becoming a balanced, effective teacher. To do this, I'll be keeping a teaching journal and taking advantage of more of the teaching resources available on campus. I need to figure out what works for me in this environment and with these students, and that's what I hope my teaching journal and my reflections will help me do.

And last, but not least.....
6. Go to Grace Hopper and have a rip-roaringly good time!


Laura said...

I like #1. I may have to work on that myself. I'm easily tweaked.

Lisa, Paper Chaser said...


I hope you have a great time.