Sunday, May 21, 2006

Snippets from my weekend

* The hands-down coolest moment of the weekend: when the homeowner of the house we were rehabbing on Saturday came out to see our handiwork, and burst into tears, overwhelmed with joy. It was all we could do to keep from bursting into tears along with her.

* I really need to hang out more often with ServiceProjectFriends. They are interesting and fun people.

* 10 hours of manual labor on Saturday + 5 hours of gardening today = one really sore back. But totally worth it.

* Hard limit of 2 hours of school-related work yields the same amount of results as an unstructured "working" weekend afternoon. Lesson learned.

* Caffeine-free for 3 days now! (and no decaf coffee yesterday, even.) I think I've kicked the habit for good.

* Doing stuff outdoors in the yard means neighbors will stop over to say hi and chat. It never fails. My neighborhood is cool like that.


geeky said...

good luck kicking the caffiene! i managed to do it cold turkey a few years ago. i didn't get bad headaches, but i did feel sluggish, like i was moving in slow motion, for the first week or so. after that it gets easier! the worst is when you order decaf at a coffee shop and they give you regular. i hate that :\

Addy N. said...

Jane: Great job on the caffeine! It's so wonderful to not NEED coffee. I still drink decaf, but some mornings don't even bother if I am more in the mood for tea or something. Sounds like you had a great weekend!