Tuesday, May 09, 2006

My day is a microcosm of my life

* My email has exploded lately. I know it's the end of the year and all that, but for some reason I've really had a hard time keeping up with it lately. Students have actually started coming up to me and saying "did you get my email?" That never used to happen.

* The sad part is, I just sent out a bunch of emails (catching up on emails from the past week--yikes), and I just got a bunch of replies back. Apparently I am not the only person catching up on email at this late hour.

* Why is it on the day when you *really need* students to leave you alone so you can get work done, the students are in your office all day long?? Whereas when you *want* them to come and see you, they disappear off the face of the earth.

* I am really burned out. So burned out that I had to force myself to sit down at my computer tonight--two pressing deadlines tomorrow means I have no choice but to work. The work is done, but I'm still way behind on other things. I might have to hide out somewhere tomorrow just so I can get out from under this huge pile of stuff!

* All I want to do is sleep. Is that so wrong??

I think all of this means that I need to start prioritizing things. I have way too much on my plate right now, and trying to do everything is just not working. Boundaries! I need boundaries!


Dr. Shellie said...

How is it going with quitting caffeine? I am curious...

Jane said...

Dr. Shellie--so far, it's going ok. The one thing I've been afraid of is getting migraines from the withdrawal, but so far I've only hit the pre-migraine stage a few times (dull headache + nausea) w/ no full-blown migraines. I'm down to just about 1/3 coffee, 2/3 decaf now, and reducing the amount by a bit every day. Thanks for asking!

Dr. Shellie said...

I tried the 1/3, 2/3 thing but then got tempted one day and went back to 3/3! Good luck avoiding this fate. :)

Anonymous said...

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