Thursday, December 15, 2005

Good stuff, annoying stuff

Good stuff:
* I'm getting my hair cut today. Yippie! My hair is really shaggy right now and is badly in need of a cut. I will be beautiful in time for the holidays!

* Writing this damn prospectus is going quickly. I have been a writing machine the past two days, just a couple of hours in the morning of writing, writing, writing. The first draft is almost done!

* Mr. Jane and I are playing hooky this afternoon so that we can finish our Christmas shopping.

Annoying stuff:
* Why is it so hard to order gift certificates from certain establishments? All I'm trying to do is get a gift certificate for my sis to one of her favorite restaurants. Restaurant #1 does not have a place to order online, so I called the restaurant directly. Yes, they can do gift cert. orders over the phone, but apparently only *one* person at the place can do so and s/he wasn't in, so I have to call back. Restaurant #2 does have online ordering, but it only works if you're using IE on Windows. I don't use Windows nor do I use IE. People, it is not difficult to make a web presence that does not lock your user into one particular browser on one particular platform!!! This is one of my major technical pet peeves. I emailed the restaurant to complain and also mentioned that I took my business elsewhere as a result. Who knows if it will make a difference. So anyway, I still don't have the gift cert. for sis! Grrrrr.

* Pet Peeve #2 (for today): grad schools that are inconsistent on how application materials should be submitted. I sent a rec. letter, as instructed, to one particular school, on letterhead, etc. Now I get an email from the same school asking me to upload the letter on their web site! Jeez, I'll do one or the other (paper or electronic) but why should I do both?? It makes no sense.

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