Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Summer "routine"

The end of the school year/beginning of summer has been so busy for me that I haven't had time to establish my summer "routine". Yesterday was the first day that really felt like summer to me---weather-wise, sure, but mentally as well. Maybe it's because the crazy period is winding down (temporarily), and for the first time yesterday I could start thinking about the work I want to do this summer, instead of the thousand "urgent" things I've been doing for the past few weeks. Or maybe it's because those little things that signal summer to me are working their way back into my life. Like wearing sandals every day. And starting my day with iced tea (or, lately, iced coffee....I think I have found my new addiction) instead of regular tea. And taking time in the middle of the day for a short, head-clearing, just-wander-and-enjoy-being-outside walk.

Today, in honor of the (mental and physical) arrival of summer, and because I can, I am taking the day off. There are a few emails to be sent, but other than that, today is all about mental rejuvenation and preparing for the work ahead---the summer work.

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