Monday, March 07, 2005

If you find my brain, could you please return it to me? Thanks.

Call it the pre-spring blahs, call it too many days until spring break....I don't know what it is, but I seem to be completely incapable of (1) thinking and (2) doing anything beyond the bare minimum of what is required of me. I'm completely, mentally weary. And I'm not the only one: all of my departmental colleagues are walking around in the same sort of dazed state. Much time is being spent in hallways and offices, chatting about nothing, because no one can get anything done.

Oh, I have all of these great ideas of how I should be spending my time: planning out my next research project (a nice little simulation study), looking in more detail at some of the "hmm, that's interesting" things that arose when I was putting together that conference paper a few weeks ago, cleaning up the directories I share with my research students (which are a complete mess....must remember to force students and self to DOCUMENT everything and stick to some sort of naming conventions), writing up some random thoughts and ideas for various people/purposes, etc. But I can't even bring myself to do the easy, brainless tasks on that list!

I don't know where my days are going lately. I do know that for the past week, as soon as I've arrived at my office I've had an overwhelming urge to go home and watch TV all day. And I have been watching a ton of movies lately at night because I can't get anything else done.

This job is really sucking the life out of me!

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