Sunday, February 20, 2005

Saturday = Sloth Day

It's so rare to have a weekend with no pressing deadlines and nothing that "must" be done before Monday. It's rarer still when I take advantage of such a weekend and do nothing. But, after Friday's drama and all of the hiring stuff, I decided I needed a complete break from work this weekend. And so I took it.

The best part of my no-work weekend was Saturday. Mr. Jane and I did our usual Saturday morning errands, ate lunch, and then I spent the rest of the day parked in one of several comfy chairs around the house, reading. Yep, I did nothing but read yesterday. (Well, that's not entirely true....I did surf around online for a bit too. But I guess that counts as reading.) And nap. I took 2 naps.

Free days are so rare, and there's so much I could have done with that time: working out, doing crafts, catching up on housework, laundry. But doing nothing was what I truly needed---physically, mentally, spritually. And now I feel ready to tackle the new week.


Laura said...

I took a nap on Saturday too. It felt pretty good.

PowerProf said...

That kind of true down time recharges your batteries. I'm jealous

jo(e) said...

Reading is not doing nothing. Reading is exercising your mind, one of the most valuable things you can do.

Oh, wait, that's the lecture I gave my students this morning.