Friday, February 18, 2005

Adventures, indeed

Subtitle: Why I Am Going to Get an Ulcer Before I Get Tenure

That paper deadline I referred to in my post yesterday? The one I said would be tight but doable? Well, this would have been true....if in fact I was able to tell the difference between AM and PM! Yes, early this morning I re-read the call-for-papers and had an "oh shit" moment when I realized that the deadline was NOON and not MIDNIGHT. Uh-oh.

I did get the paper submitted, with a whole 3 minutes to spare. I did not spell check. I kind of proofread it, but not really. In a fit of evilness, I contemplated putting my undergrad student author as first author because the paper was a bit weaker than I was comfortable submitting. I didn't end up doing that: the paper is not that good, and I know that, but I'll suck it up and deal with the negative reviews when they come back.

It's done, it's gone, it's out of my hands....and now I have to sit through a loooong and painful meeting that's gonna run late. Happy Friday, indeed.


Andy said...

"I contemplated putting my undergrad student author as first author" - quote

Ouch that would be very evil.

jo(e) said...

Oh, misreading a deadline ... that's my worst nightmare!

~profgrrrrl~ said...

Oh dear, you've just given me something new to be paranoid about. I'm so used to midnight deadlines ...