Thursday, October 25, 2007

Things I'd rather be doing than working right now

1. Lounging in the comfy chair and flipping between the World Series and college football.

2. Making baby food out of some of the farmer's market bounty from this week.

3. Eating the rest of the fabulous dessert I made today (basically, molten chocolate cake, made in the crock pot. Yum!! and a nice surprise too, since the recipe was labeled "chocolate pudding".)

4. Wondering if "crock pot" vs. "slow cooker" is a regional thing, or if one term is more correct than the other.

5. Wondering why a molten chocolate cake recipe would be labeled as "chocolate pudding".

6. Taking a bath and sipping a glass of wine.

7. Reading something completely mindless.

8. Giving myself a pedicure and/or manicure.

9. Snuggling with Mr. Jane. Or Baby Jane. Or both.

10. Sleeping!

What about you---what would you rather be doing than working right now?


EcoGeoFemme said...

Was the recipe from a non-American source? My boyfriend is from a Far Off Land and he calls most desserts "pudding". maybe you could post the recipe sometime?

I would rather be shopping for a Halloween costume than working.

Anonymous said...

I often make something known as brownie pudding. I make it in the oven, but you make a cake-type batter, top it with cocoa and brown sugar, and poor water all over the top. In the end, you have this gooey chocolate mess that is part brownie and part gooey, pudding-like goodness.

Hrm, I haven't made that in quite some time. I think I'd rather be whipping up a batch of that...

Claire said...

ummmm....eating some of that gooey chocolate cake that y'all are making sound so darn delicious for one thing!

The other would be taking a walk to see if the leaves are turning yet.

Claire from

Andrea Ann said...

decorating for halloween. in fact. think i will.

Jane said...

ecogeofemme, this was definitely from an American source. I had never heard the "all desserts are pudding" thing before---interesting! I will try to post the recipe soon---once I figure out which cookbook it came from! :)

anon, that sounds exactly like the dessert I made.

claire and andrea ann, those are definitely both more fun that working!

Rebecca said...

Making baby food out of fresh produce -- that is one of my favorite activities! Peaches are a big hit around here. Last night I just baked some apples and it was soft enough that he could eat it (the innards, not the skin) -- of course, my son is 12 months old and has twelve teeth so he doesn't have much problem chewing anymore. But we all had baked apples and it was really delicious!

Jane said...

rebecca, thanks for the apple idea! I'll bet that baking the apples would make them soft enough to mush easily, which would be perfect for Baby Jane at this stage.

Unbalanced Reaction said...

I'd rather be eating pie, cake, or any of the other sweets you have all been talking about than working right now.

Or watching college football, eating cheese, or attending a wine tasting.

Katrineholm Review said...

I would rather be in Katrineholm, Sweden. Oh, wait. I already am in Katrineholm, Sweden.

Never mind.

liketothelark said...

Yes, in England and New Zealand dessert is also known as pudding.

I think in the US a pudding is more of a set custard type of thing?

Here's a recipe for a self-saucing Chocolate Pudding, very very easy to make in microwave or oven.

I cooked it at Yoga Plus in Crete as a Friday night treat, and adapted it to be vegan, or to feed 60 (need the oven for that quantity!)

It takes 5-10 minutes prep for a good cook, not much longer if you have a toddler helping.