Wednesday, April 18, 2007

One monkey off my back....

I finally got to update my "projects in progress". Conference Paper #1 is out for review and out of my psyche, at least until the reviews come back. Woo hoo!

The other monkey on my back, the journal article, will be going out next week no matter what.* And then I'll feel like I can relax a bit, because everything else I'm working on is still in the relatively early stages. (With the possible exception of Conference Paper #2---I may try to meet a relatively-soon deadline, just to get it out there.)

But for now, I'm celebrating by taking the afternoon off.

*Well, ok, the one exception will be if Baby Jane arrives before then. In that case, all bets are off.


AAYOR said...

These days I read blogs via Google Reader from work, so I haven't seen your actual blog in a while. I love that you have "Baby--95% complete" in that list. :-)

Jane said...

I just added that today, actually! (Well, it *is* a project! :) )

Jenny F. Scientist said...

I also utterly love the 'baby-95%' one. Oh my!

Woo hoo for the paper too!