Thursday, March 15, 2007

Scientiae Carnival #2 is up!

Head on over to Propter Doc's for the goods. As with the last one, lots of good posts---what better way to celebrate the Ides of March?

And on that note, I'm off for a computer-free extended long weekend. I decided that just because I'm not teaching doesn't mean I can't still go on Spring Break! There will be no excess drinking, no MTV-style partying, on this spring break (although I have to say that I never went on a "real" spring break in that sense); just a lot of relaxation in one of our favorite parts of the country. (And no, we're *not* calling this trip a "babymoon"....I hate, hate, hate that term! Although it is our last trip before Baby Jane arrives.)

(As a weird side note, Baby Jane has been more active than usual this morning. I wonder if s/he is excited about this trip, too? Does s/he sense that something is "different" about today?)

See you next week!


Saoirse said...

enjoy your trip!

Chaser said...

Have a great time!!