Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Whine, whine, whine

Top 10 reasons I'm super-cranky today:

10. My back hurts.
9. I tripped going up the stairs---twice.
8. I have to wake up every time I want to switch sleeping positions.
7. I burned myself---twice.
6. Hormones.
5. Did I mention the back pain?
4. I had to work with the Messy Data From Hell from the Careless Former Research Student. All day long. (and all week long, too. The fun never ends.)
3. Because of #4, research progress was veeeery slooooow today.
2. Mr. Jane's phone alarm went off at an ungodly hour this morning (on the other side of the house, but I *still* heard it), and woke me up for good.
1. There is no more chocolate in the house.

Jeez, now I feel obligated to end this on a positive note, so here are 3 things that made my day more bearable:

3. I thought of another new angle for my research---one that will involve some fun playing around with stuff. Yay!
2. Bananas and nutella.
1. Feeling Baby Jane kick and move at various points throughout the day (and night). Especially when s/he responds (or seems to respond) to my voice.


luolin said...

Normally, I am in awe of your research and teaching and mentoring organizational skills and your productivity.

I still am, but running out of chocolate is just bad planning. (Nutella is good, though.)

Jane said...

luolin, I totally agree! :)

Scooter said...

"1. There is no more chocolate in the house."

For me, that would be a good thing, less chance of shoving it into my pie hole.

Finally, I guess I'd missed the announcement. Congrats on "getting kicked"!

Anonymous said...

No chocolate at the abode? Now that is not a good thing (I am freak for chocolate.) Hm. Sounds as if you need a regular delivery of the stuff so that there is always a stash on hand.
To that end, the following:

ScienceWoman said...

whine #8 made me smile in recognition. But good thing #1 makes it all worthwhile, doesn't it.

In my second trimester, Mini would go totally wild every time I had chocolate. When you get some more in the house, you'll have to tell me whether it works with Baby Jane.

Jane said...

oooh, a science experiment! ScienceWoman, I'm up for the challenge. But I agree, #1 does make all the minor discomforts worth it.

Michael, thanks for the link! Although I'm sure the chocolate wouldn't last the month at my house. :)