Sunday, January 21, 2007

I am so excited

Yesterday my copy of She's Such a Geek arrived. I haven't had a chance to start reading it yet, but I've skimmed through it and I am really excited to start reading.

I'm already thinking this might be a good gift to give the undergrads who went with me to Grace Hopper this year....or to our graduating women majors....or both....

(oh, and in case you're interested, they have a blog, too, which I've really enjoyed reading.)


Wicked Teacher of the West said...

Thanks for the link to the blog! I can't believe they'll be an hour away from me this week and I can't make it.

I also haven't started reading my copy. You've inspired me to bring it with me on my February break, though.

What a wonderful idea, about giving it as a present to Grace Hopper girls or graduates!

Anonymous said...

What? You won't give the book to the male students too? OK, well, this is from the "boyz" side of the aisle then :) ...

Virtual Whirl

by Michael Flessas
(Shamelessly based upon Madonna's Material Girl. Sung to the same.)

Some grrlz SMS me, some grrlz spam me
'N' they think thatz OK?
If they don't IM me new stings of code
I just click away

They can spam and they can rant
But I won't join the fight, thatz right
'Cause the boy with computing skillz
Is always hacker right, cause "IM"


Gaming in a virtual whirl
And "IM" an avatar
You know that we are gaming in a virtual whirl
And "IM" an avatar

Some grrlz download warez, otherz beg please
Thatz so dull to me
If they don't build in Second Life
I have to let 'em be

Some grrlz cry and some grrlz sigh
But I won't let 'em play
Only grrlz who can code
Make my rainy day, cause "IM"


Gaming in a virtual whirl [virtual]
Gaming in a virtual whirl

Grrlz may come and grrlz may go
They can't even code in C!!
Computing has made me smart
And now they're after me, cauz everybody's


A virtual, a virtual, a virtual, a virtual whirl

Gaming in a virtual whirl [virtual]
Gaming in a virtual whirl
(repeat and fade)

Jane said...

Michael, that song is hysterical! (Oooh, and this actually would be a *great* exercise or exam question for an intro-level/CS literacy course: "decode/define all of the lingo used in this song". Much more fun than my usual "decipher this ad for the latest laptop computer on sale this week"!)

WToTW, I can think of one student in particular who's sort of struggling with the whole "girl geek" thing right now....I may give her this book sooner rather than later. I think she in particular would really enjoy it. Bummer that you won't be able to see the book tour in person!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Jane, if my reworking of Madonna's song can assist in some tiny way toward getting your students to begin to enjoy algorithmic analysis, then you are most welcome to use it as you see fit for class. May I suggest, however, that extra credit for an exam using that reworked song be given if the student will make an effort to sing the lyrics too for CS is not for the faint of heart.



Michael Flessas