Thursday, December 07, 2006

This is a first

1. I started, and finished, my holiday shopping this afternoon.*
2. I did all of my shopping online. What the heck did we do before the Internet??
3. I can now spend all of my holiday energy on the truly important holiday things, like baking and eating Christmas cookies** and singing carols loudly and off-key in my car.

Woo hoo!

* Well, ok, that's not 100% true. My family does a stocking exchange, so I still have to do that. But that's easy stuff, comparatively. Actually, to be honest, that's the most fun part of shopping for me---getting a bunch of silly little stuff for one person---so I'm looking forward to it.

** Including my signature dish: my grandmother's fudge. You know, the stuff made with marshmallow fluff---none of that fancy cream-and-butter stuff! My grandmother made this every single year for Christmas and brought it over to our house on Christmas Eve. When I was in college, she decided that it was time for me to carry on her fudge tradition, so she designated me the new family fudge maker, a title I have held proudly ever since. Unfortunately, Mr. Jane does not share the reverence for the family fudge (he claims that it is too rich. Too rich!! Like that's a bad thing about a dessert food), so I usually end up eating most or all of it by myself. Yeah, what a real hardship that is.


Saoirse said...

I love fudge. :)

You must be so relieved.

Jane said...

Thanks, saoirse, I am! The whole shopping thing started off as a challenge---"I wonder if I could do all of my shopping online in the span of a couple of hours?" Sometimes I wish I had the same drive when it comes to real, actual work. :)