Thursday, August 17, 2006

Thursday smorgasbord

* One of the perks of working from home: Today Mr. Jane took a conference call while lying down on the living room floor. How he was able to do so and stay awake and engaged in the call, I have no idea. (But wouldn't it be nice if we could all lounge around during long meetings?)

* One of the downsides of both of us working from home: Mr. Jane and I have vastly different ideas as to what constitutes acceptable lunchtime TV watching. Our compromise so far is "whoever gets to the remote first, wins". I doubt this is a good strategy for the long run.

* Do they sell booster seats for office chairs? Because I think I need one. My home desk is slightly too high (or my chair is slightly too low...take your pick), and I don't want to go the keyboard tray route (sometimes I just want to type on my laptop without having an external keyboard attached). Plus, I like my current desk chair. My temporary solution is to sit on a pillow. I doubt this is ergonomically sound.

* I am now using my Mac almost exclusively. (Sorry, Linux.) I'm loving it!

* I've been working way too much lately. I'm taking the rest of the afternoon off to tackle those crafting projects that have been gathering dust for much of the summer. Woo hoo!


jo(e) said...

I do almost everything while lying on the floor. It's what I love about having a laptop.

CMT said...

Hmm, I'm struggling with the Mac/Linux split. Right now I'm running two machines, which is irritating.

What made you finally convert? A friend just got his wm of choice to work on the Mac, and tells me the fvwm should be a cakewalk -- I admit this is encouraging me more.

Andy said...

I too work from home. I love it. My girlfriend doesn't care for it much though. She says I make the house to messy. Whatever ;)

As far as the Mac/Linux thing goes if you are using OSX you are running a Unix variant that just has a decent interface so you aren't totally selling out. Fire up the terminal and you will see all your old familiar Unix stuff is accesible via the terminal on OSX it is just nicer to go through the OSX GUI.

Jane said...

CMT, I haven't fully converted, but since I've been working at home primarily for the past month and I currently have 2 Macs at home (my new MacBook Pro and my older Mac Mini), I've been doing all my computing on one Mac or the other. My primary machine at school is still a Linux box, though, so I'm not totally Linux-free. (I haven't tried to change the wm yet....I'll let you know how it goes when I do.)

I guess what I like the most about the Mac is that (a) all of the Unix stuff is still there, as Andy points out, so I can use all my familiar apps and do command-line stuff and all that jazz; and yet (b) it has a really nice interface with really neat apps and most importantly (c) Everything Just Works. I like hacking on stuff as much as the next gal, but I got sick of having to hack *everything* to get it to work, and having some stuff still not work or not work all the time (wireless, sound, video playback).

I did get the Mini to try things out before committing to the MacBook....I had a little extra research $$ laying around and so I spent it on that. It was a great way to see if the Mac could work for me and if I could sufficiently do my research on it.