Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Would have, could have, should have

What I should have done today:
* Prepped for my classes tomorrow
* Written that homework assignment that needs to be posted tomorrow, that should have been ready and posted on Monday.
* Reviewed one of my research student's code, like I've been promising to do for 2 weeks now.
* Finished and done final tests on the software that needs to be released and installed tomorrow (yikes!)
* Gone to bed early since I'm sick, sick, sick again.

What I actually did today:
* Wrote the quiz for my first class tomorrow.
* Spent way too much time trying to figure out my options regarding this incident, and even more time despairing over it.
* Had a really long and productive conversation with one of my mentors. This mentor rocks!
* Spent way too much time stressing over the details of something departmental I'm not even involved in, but for which those who are involved completely dropped the ball. (It sucks being the "details" person in a department full of "non-details" people, sometimes. Synergy, schmynergy.)
* Tried to keep myself as medicated as possible so that I could at least get a fraction of the work done this evening that I should have done today.

Ah well, tomorrow's another day, right?

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Scooter said...

First, I hope you're feeling better. Second, this post: http://scootersweightloss.blogspot.com/2006/04/ya-tryin-ta-make-me-feel-bad.html made me think of the "community" post which you seemed to like. I believe little actions can make a big difference in fostering that sense of community. (Though, I understand that as a woman, greater caution may need to be exercised to avoid misinterpretation.) Good luck to you in choosing a path through the harrassment minefield.