Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A typical day? Yessirree.

Today was a typical day.
I got up way too early. (OK, 6:30 is not really super-early, but it feels like it when you're not sleeping well and going to bed way too late.)
I met with students to discuss research projects.
I brainstormed with a student to find ways around a requirement that makes no sense for him.
I wrestled with some code.
I cursed at my computer more than once (see above).
I wondered how I can possibly be a computer scientist if I can't even get my damn computer to work correctly.
I ignored my ringing phone, just because.
I worried about my classes for tomorrow.
I procrastinated doing the reading for my classes tomorrow.
I had a frustrating conversation with a senior colleague.
I rejoiced at a cancelled meeting.
I did nothing productive during that newly-found free time (see above).
I un-confused some very confused students during office hours (I hope).
I spent some time just staring out the window.
I fantasized about getting tenure.
I fantasized about getting another job.
I fantasized about my colleagues suddenly getting a clue.
I worked out.
Yep, just another typical day.
(how many days until summer??)


Lisa, Paper Chaser said...

HAHAHHA on your colleagues getting a clue.

I hope they do.

Jane said...

Yeah, that's probably one of my more unrealistic fantasies. :)