Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Fun fact #3

My favorite food (besides chocolate, of course) is peanut butter. I've always loved peanut butter, even during the 80's when it was on the "bad food" list. (I guess this means I was ahead of my time?) For a long time, it was one of the few things I would eat on a sandwich, because I hated cold cuts (since the day I found a *bone*, yes a bone, in my bologna). I still eat it several times a week, usually at breakfast but sometimes as dessert. I could probably survive just on peanut butter if I had to, and never get sick of it.

Oh, and it has to be crunchy. The crunchier, the better! Smooth peanut butter just tastes gross to me.

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schultkl said...

You are so funny Jane. :) :) :) Thanks for sharing this cute story :)