Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Random Tuesday thoughts

* I finally solved a problem that I've been having with my laptop for months. The fact that I couldn't fix this issue was really bugging the heck out of me, so I am ecstatic that it's finally fixed (and that I finally figured it out)!

* My "good deed for the day" yesterday was entertaining a group of students who are considering science majors. I did a little spiel about our major, what professors in my department do for research, and I did an interactive demo with them about my own research. I wasn't sure how engaged they would be, but they seemed to really enjoy it. Afterwards, I had a great discussion with a minority student about what our intro class is like, and it sounds like she's going to be taking it in the future! Hooray!

* I'm seriously thinking about submitting to this "She's Such a Geek" anthology. When I first heard about it, I thought that it sounded interesting, but that I didn't have anything worthwhile to say. But the more I think about it, the more I realize that maybe I do have something worth sharing. (And, as Mr. Jane pointed out, I woke him up early on Sunday morning to excitedly announce that I was going to fix that problem with my laptop that I mentioned in the first bullet....and that's pretty darn geeky! So maybe I do have enough "streed cred" as a geek to say something....)

* Yesterday was all about "busy work": I had a bunch of stuff that had been piling up, little end-of-the-year things, and I spent a few hours yesterday (and last night) just powering through them. I'm finishing the last of them this morning. What a relief! (And then maybe I can start writing my personal statement for my review packet, which I really need to get moving on.....)


Zuska said...

Oh, Jane, please do send off a contribution to the "She's Such a Geek!" anthology! You would be great! I'm thinkin' of writing something myself. I think you would have lots of wonderful things to say and I totally encourage this.

Jane said...

Thanks, Zuska! I definitely think that you should submit something---you write with a lot of passion and you definitely have a lot to say on this subject! :)

I figure what the heck, the worst they can say is "thanks but no thanks", right?

Wanna Be PhD said...

Yeah, that's a great idea! Thanks to pointing it out anyway. I won't submit there b/c my English is too bad so I won't enjoy writing it. But I have to say something to all the suggested topics, so I might just blog on these topics one day.

Another remark: "Mr. Jane" is such a cool name, because usually women are captured under their husband's names. So Mr. Jane is just the right feminist thing to do.