Thursday, November 17, 2005

Random acts of niceness

* One of my senior colleagues, whom I like but don't often chat with, stopped by my office the other day, just to see how I'm handling the whole review thing and to offer his encouragement. A small gesture, but wow did it make me feel better (at least temporarily).

* A friend/colleague from another department checked in on me the other day. She'd been thinking and worrying about me (I'd confided in her about the breakdown). I was really touched by this.

* As a result of this incident, there is now an actual documented procedure in place for dealing with harrassing phone calls, one that will actually be publicized to faculty. It's not as good or satisfying as catching the idiot(s), but it's something tangible, and hopefully it will make the next person's life easier in dealing with this.

* A few of our female potential majors have been stopping by just to chat. I take this as a very good sign.

* Students in one of my classes just turned in peer evaluations, in which they also had to evaluate me. Their peer evaluations were excellent (very detailed and very honest), and they also had some really nice things to say about the job I'm doing in the class. Yay!


FemaleCSGradStudent said...

I'm glad to see that good things can happen. You definitely deserve these tangible policies and good feedback for all your work.


If only every day could be like this.

Alberto said...

What kind of peer evaluations have been that? jejej

Hello from Spain!!!

Jane said...

Amen, FCSGS!

Hola, Alberto! The peer evaluations are for a class where the students have been working extensively in groups (the same groups since the beginning of class). These evaluations help me assess the group dynamics as well as figure out who's doing the work and who's slacking. :) And since my role is as "consultant" on each of the projects, it's only fair that the students get to evaluate my role as well. It's a great system that works really well for me in this particular class.

Turtle said...

Great work on the tangible policy. Thank you for speaking up and not just accepting the harrassment alone and in silence. It may seem small, but those are the small steps that help change a world bit by bit.