Friday, August 05, 2005

Back to the old grind

Ahhhhh, vacation.

Mr. Jane and I just got back from a week-long trip that we both sorely needed. Most of the week was spent outdoors---camping, hiking, swimming, star gazing, too-much-Smores eating---with, most importantly, absolutely no cell phone or email access. Mr. Jane spent much of the time looking for bears, but "unfortunately" for him, we only saw bear prints (which was still really cool). I spent much of the time gazing around in awe at the spectacular scenery, totally relaxing, and enjoying the warm sunny weather. We also spent quite a bit of time in the car, driving from place to place, but since the drives were all very scenic we didn't really mind. Plus, Mr. Jane and I enjoy taking road trips with each other, so driving around is actually fun for us.

As a nice bonus, our trip took us to a part of the country where we have some friends from various phases of our lives. We were able to see a few of these people and catch up on all the latest goings-on. It's always a treat to see old friends, but it's also weird at the same time, transporting you back to whenever it was that you knew these people and saw them on a regular basis---you remember who you were, and who they were, back then, but at the same time you see who they are, and who you are, now, and it can be a bit jarring. And sometimes, what you remember and what they remember can be completely any rate, it makes for some interesting reminiscing.

So we're back and now I'm trying to get back into Work Mode. I'm finding it very difficult---the motivation is there, but I have the attention span of a gnat and so the slightest thing distracts me. Arrrgh. The plan for today is to work on a few different projects in hopes that I won't get bored/distracted---make a little progress on a few things rather than a lot of progress on one thing. We'll see how it goes.

But at least I've accomplished one thing: I've already caught up on all my blog reading!


Cheeky Prof said...

I didn't even take a vacation and am finding it hard to be in work mode! Good luck, you'll make it. :-)

jo(e) said...

Already caught up on your blog reading? Clearly, you are not reading enough blogs.

Glad you had a nice vacation. I too find that being outside and away from telephone, computer, etc. is really restorative and restful.