Thursday, May 19, 2005

Star Wars

So yes, I did go see the new Star Wars movie at midnight. I did not have high expectations for this movie, based on how badly the previous 2 sucked, but I was still disappointed overall. (At least this time, I didn't think "wow, was that a waste of my time" coming out of the theater, so I guess that's an improvement.)

Good things about the movie/the experience:
Well, of course there were the people in costume, which is always entertaining. Not as many costumes as I thought there'd be, but there were some very creative ones. The music is always good. Special effects---yep, lots of them. And Yoda....what can I say, Yoda kicks butt.

Less desirable things about the movie/the experience:
OH MY GOD, George Lucas should NOT be writing screenplays. The dialog, as usual, was horrible. You know a movie has bad dialog when the best dialog comes from the Wookies. The Anakin-turns-evil plot was, I thought, pretty poorly done; I was expecting to see more turmoil, more struggle. Apparently, it is possible to have too many lightsaber fights in a single movie. The movie overall seemed less like a story that gets us to Episode IV and more like a series of semi-related events that gets us to Episode IV. The fight scenes, the scene where Anakin becomes Vader....these were all way over the top. Finally, I expected the movie to be dark, but this was just over-the-top dark....and in a few instances, gratuitously disturbing.

So, that's my report. I'm off to bed. It's super late and I am tired! I'm too old to stay up this late!

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Mel said...

I saw it too, had some similar responses. But it sucked less than the last two...