Tuesday, January 18, 2005

A question about massages

My intention tonight was actually to write a response-type of post to the Summers fiasco, now that I'm not seeing red anymore. Not a direct response, but some things that have been going through my mind after reading the article(s) and talking to a whole bunch of people about it. I think it may even warrant a couple of posts. But not tonight.

Tonight, I would like to ask for advice about massages. If memory serves from comments I've read elsewhere, I think that some of you who read this blog get massages regularly or semi-regularly. I'm pretty much a "massage virgin". So I have a few questions.

How do you find a massage therapist? We have one at school, and I am tempted to try him/her.....but how do I tell if this person is any good? How easy is it for a bad massage therapist to do more harm than good?

More specifically, I've had a sore neck off and on for a few weeks now....is this something a massage therapist would be able to help with?

Thanks in advance!


~profgrrrrl~ said...

I've never had one do any harm. Word of mouth is the best way to find someone, but this can all be subjective. If you have the money, I say just try it.

Laura said...

I've never had one do harm either. I haven't had a massage in a while, but I'd love to get one myself. If you feel good afterwards, then the masseuse is a keeper.

New Kid on the Hallway said...

I have no great advice on how to find a good massage therapist, although if you're interested in it from a health point of view I think sometimes they're associated with chiropractor's offices. I went to one who was associated with our health services when I was in grad school; but then any Aveda salon/spa will have good people too, I would think.

And I went b/c I was having lower back problems, and within 3-4 weeks this guy had completely worked out all the kinks and resolved the problem - I could do pain-free stretches, for instance, that I hadn't been able to do for years without pain. And in fact, while I'm still terrible about doing things to maintain my back and abdominal muscles, and occasionally my back gets stiff, never again has it gone "out" such that all I've been able to do for 2-3 days until the pain has gone away. (I shouldn't say that, famous last words, but my back has been better for at least 5 years now.)

So I'm a big promoter of massage therapy. ;-)