Sunday, January 30, 2005

My latest nightmare

Friday night, I had a dream that my blog was discovered and "outed" publicly. In my dream, I was surfing the web and came upon this site that talked about a post or two from my blog, along with links to my blog. But instead of referring to my blog by its title, or even by my pseudonym, it referred to me everywhere by my real name. The rest of the dream was pretty ridiculous, but that part shook me so much that I woke up convinced that it had actually happened.

I blame Dr. H's post for putting the idea into my subconscious.

At least this is an improvement on my usual dreams of showing up to class naked and/or unprepared, or not leaving on time for vacation because I can't pack my suitcase, ....


Anonymous said...

Hi, Jane.

Sorry about affecting your dream life!

- Dr. H

Jane said...

Dr. H, I should have put a smiley after that line! I feel bad about what's happened to you. It is kind of funny though that what's happened to a total stranger has affected my dream life! :)

Dr. H said...

Oh, it's cool, Jane! I was smiling when I wrote my comment (and am smiling now, too!).