Thursday, December 30, 2004

What are you doing New Year's Eve?

I just got a last-minute invitation for tomorrow night....just hanging out with friends, food and booze. I'm feeling very hermit-like though, and would like nothing better than to just stay home in my PJs with a good book and some good wine and cheese. I suspect though that my husband (he needs a name....we'll go with Mr. Jane for now) will want to go. What to do?

This has been a recurring issue for me and Mr. Jane. Mr. Jane is in the camp of "we MUST go out on New Year's Eve! we're losers if we don't!" And it has to be both of us, or else it doesn't count. My philosophy is, if there's something going on, I'll go and enjoy it, but I don't want to force anything. Now granted, sometimes we do just force ourselves to go out and plan something at the last minute, and it works out well and we both have a great time. But this year I just don't have the energy to come up with something, get all dressed up, etc. just because it's a certain night of the year.

This makes me sound like I'm some sort of antisocial freak. I'm really not. I love hanging out with friends and I love to go out. But not lately, and for the past few years, not on New Year's either.

If I tell Mr. Jane to go to this shindig by himself and let me stay at home....well, is that a bad thing? I suspect it might be. Even though it would make both of us happy.

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